An Exploratory Study on Confusion in Code Reviews

Context: Code review is a widely used technique of systematic examination of code changes which aims at increasing software quality. Code reviews provide several benefits for the project, including finding bugs, knowledge transfer, and assurance of …

From Transient Information to Persistent Documentation: Enhancing Software Documentation

Developers usually need to use different kinds of tools in the software development process, e.g., version control systems, code review tools, and bug or issue tracking systems. Some of those tools provide an enhanced approach for developers to …

Understanding Confusion in Code Reviews

PhD in Computer Science / 2014 - 2019

Confusion in Code Reviews: Reasons, Impacts, and Coping Strategies

Code review is a software quality assurance practice widely employed in both open source and commercial software projects to detect defects, transfer knowledge and encourage adherence to coding standards. Notwithstanding, code reviews can also delay …

Keynote: Understanding Confusion in Code Reviews

Confusion Detection in Code Reviews

Confusion Detection in Code Reviews

Code reviews are an important mechanism for assuring quality of source code changes. Reviewers can either add general comments pertaining to the entire change or pinpoint concerns or shortcomings about a specific part of the change using inline …

Confusion Detection in Code Reviews